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Oil Change Cars (up to 5 qts) $29.95*Diesel Oil Change (7.3 & 6.0) (up to 15 qts) $119.95*New Diesel Oil Change (6.4 & 6.7) $149.95*
Tire Rotation (Cars and Trucks .5) $21.95*Tire Balance and Rotation $69.95*Coolant Service (Drain and Fill) $89.95*
Front End Alignment $79.95*Four Wheel Alignment (Every 15K) $119.95*Transmission Flush $189.95*
Replace Pads and Turn Rotors (Cars) $195.95*Air and Fuel Filter Replace (Every 15K) $89.95*Brake Fluid Flush $89.95*
Power Steering Flush $79.95*Front Brake Service (Clean Caliper Slides; Every 15K) $79.95*Rear Brake Service (Clean Caliper Slides, etc; Every 15K) $79.95*
Check Engine Light Diagnosis
(Extra Time Must be Authorized) $69.95*
Diesel Engine Diagnosis
(Extra Time Must be Authorized) $139.95*
27 Point Inspection FREE*
Diesel Truck Diagnostics $139.95*Replace Battery (Every 50K or 5 years) $129.95*30K Service, Lube Oil & Filter, Tire Rotation & Balance, Alignment, Filter Serivce $279.95*

*Plus shop fees and sales tax.